Public Diary


Its been about 4 weeks, sorry for the long wait I just never got around to typing anything.
so far school has been doing alright, I'm doing carpentry classes and right now we're doing OSHA testing for a certificate.
my old Roblox account Twice2cooi was Deleted back in june, still missing all the cool shit I had coded on my games. But this makes me realize that nothing is here to last, so eventually I'll move on with it. I've been looking online and I'm thinking about buying some body armor for body armor reasons... Turns out that body armor is useless unless you have groin / hip protection, similar to being shot in the legs you'll bleed out pretty quickly with a shot to your pelvis.

as always im on my laptop, so if you ever want to ask a question, just add me on disc: coolguy#0748


School is supposed to start in 10 days, I don't know when the open house is... definitely need to do that so I don't get lost on my first day.
Been working on Konstruktion again, albeit pieces at a time. I don't think i'll be able to go upto newyork this year. but I'll see if I can do it during christmas break.
Im thinking about adding some splash text to the frontpage of my website, I have no idea how to script that but I think it'll just be like pulling random lines from a .txt file
Anyways, I'll try to talk some more tomorrow; cya later.


sorry I havent logged anything, havent been really doing much but play games and watch youtube, I have also been working on a Konstruktion remake (Konstruktion is a build n battle game I made a few months ago)

I'm a lot more active on my discord server, if you ever want to to talk to me about anything, just ask; I really don't mind it.

7/18/21 - 7/26/21

nothing here...


its 4:07 am 7/18/21, I almost forgot about writing in this diary and I was caught up talking to friends. I didn't really do a whole lot today. My mom had bought a dinner table set so we got to eat together as a family. usually every saturday I'd visit with my grandpa and we would get lunch but I slept in today and never messaged him. hoping I can spend some time with him today while I fix my sleep schedule. I don't really know whatelse to add to my website besides a RLUA page.


I was going to make this diary section a few days ago but I never really got around to working on it. I think I wanted to make this page because I was able to touch and feel Christ. I don't know how It happened but he appeared to me spiritually. I got to hug Christ Spiritually. I don't know how else to describe it because I couldn't see him physically But I knew he was there. I Couldn't see his face but I imagine It didn't matter what he looked like cause imagining Christ as a brown or a white man is selfish. I also got to see a glimpse of Heaven. It's just like you've always been asleep but you finally open your eyes. I don't know how to prove any of these things as something as Believing and Feeling christ is something that can only be subjective. No this website of mine Isn't satire in the slightest. It's just an echochamber :)

Anyways I got that off of my chest. I don't really know what else to talk about here; I think i'll make another page dedicated to RLUA (ROBLOX lua) I have about a year or so of experience of scripting, so I don't know everything but its enough for most people. I started playing around 2011 when I was really young. My greatest regret is being attached to ROBLOX, I genuinely love and hate the game at the same time, like a bad addiction that you cant let go of. I don't know what I would do if I were to finally quit the game. I've been working with my grandpa doing finish carpentry. It pays pretty well but its a lot of manual labor, I'd rather do construction than set around at a deskjob. My parents have told me I could use my scripting knowledge and try to do some programming job in the future but the truth is I only know RLUA :P plus sitting around at a desk at home is enough for me.